Bienvenidos al Camp Wiesn

We have the right solution for everyone:
• You want to save money? No problem! Come with your own tent or rent one of our, already set up tents.
• A little bit more comfort? Of course! Book a caravan or container.
• Really cozy? Sure! Our Wies'n Lofts leave nearly nothing to be desired.

The way to the Oktoberfest only lasts 20 minutes by train. The trainstation is just a 5 minutes footwalk from the campsite and tickets can be bought in the Wies'n Camp office easily.

At the Wies'n Camp, you can find everything to feel comfortable during your stay: clean and modern shower and toilet facilities, a souvenir and costume shop, an ATM, lockers and WIFI.
In our cosy alm hut, you can buy food and drinks and at night, our legendary After-Wiesn-Party happens there.


La historia de la Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest
In the year 1810 the Oktoberfest in Munich was created to celebrate the marriage of Kronprinz Ludwig with Therese Charlotte Louise von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The area was located outside the city of Munich and in honor of the bride it was called „Theresienwiese“ or shorter „Wies’n“. The celebration was a horse race in Olympic tradition, so everybody could take part.
One of the first winners was Xaver Krenkl, a local coachman. He was famous ,because he had illegaly overtaken the King's coach years before. Asked why he did so, he answered to the policemen: If you can, you can!
This local heroe brought thousands of fans to the race track and so the Oktoberfest growed. 1818 there were bowling alleys, swings and the first carousels. So the first beergardens were opened where the "old" beer was sold ( It was forbidden to brew during the period from March to October, so the last kegs were transported from the beer cellars to the celebration ground: darker and stronger than the "normal" beer). This tradition has survived all the decades up to now and therefore Oktoberfest-Beer is a little bit stronger and darker than the beer you get served all year long in whole bavaria.

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